Marek Collection catalogue

The catalogue shows some 250 works by 80 artists. Texts in Czech and English including interviews with Marek brothers and essays by featured artists.

240 pages, sewn paperback, 390 CZK / 15 EUR + shipping costs

Numbered edition of 100 in box contains:
catalogue, exhibition poster, stickers by Anymade, CD by Lada Gaziova with video by Jan Zalio and music by Here, badge and mirror by Anezka Hoskova & Jakub Hosek, Defragment by Jan Mancuska, Bubble by Matej Smetana, Helvetica Concentrated 2004 poster by Jiri Skala, Metro Daily by Tomáš Svoboda, Razor Blade by Tomas Vanek.

890 CZK / 35 EUR + shipping costs

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