Program Théâtre de Vevey 2008—9

135 × 188 mm paperback | offset | June 2008

We portrayed all the playwrights of the season. Portraits have identical profiles and setting, only certain features and hairstyle change. One achieves a sort of an animation by fast listing through the brochure. So called “Personal Assistant“ is hidden in flaps of the brochure's cover. A paper jigsaw in size of a credit card is inspired by Japanese child’s “mix and match“ game. Once assembled, you have all the practical informations about the season in your wallet. Your personal assistant has 512 different faces. Mutants embroidering five different covers were given birth by mixing up various parts of portraits already applied in the program. A crossbreed of an opera singer Moussogorsky and Dimitri’s childhood idol, Sir Paul McCartney, is our favorite.