The Moravian Gallery Yearbook 2004

202 × 260 mm sewn paperback, 380 pages | offset | December 2005

The Moravian Gallery’s bulletin, published since 1963. It gathers scientifi c texts related to the gallery’s collections, exhibitions and personalities as well as essays on contemporary art, design and architecture. We were invited to redesign the book for the next fi ve years. The 2004 issue reviewed 40 years of the bulletin. We wanted to show, through self-initiated statistics and measurements, how it had evolved. This began on the cover, which showed all the previous covers; and continued with charts comparing the number of pages, formats, graphic designers, spine thicknesses, printers, etc. The results surprised us: over 40 years, the publication had had only three editors-in-chief and five graphic designers. The 59 issues weighed a total of 18.145 kg; went through seven formats and 5,094 pages, and occupied 2.815 metres of bookshelf space. The page numbers grow by two-point increments within each chapter.